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Posh Express Car wash is conveniently located in Sachse, TX and has a wide range of car wash services for you to choose from. Posh Car Wash. Find stratford, nj car coupons for oil changes, car washes, tires and more. First Time Customer. Posh car wash cleaning up evidence moving oil into gutters Stratford nj. Additional online coupons for Voorhees are also available. With a multitude of professional car cleaning services, Posh Car Wash gets your vehicle.

Business details, special offers, read 4 reviews and more. Car Washes. Once it was test-driven and the car was elevated, Chris pointed out old parts that he thought needed replacement. If you have BMW, or Benz. Desi Auto Care is the only shop to go. I shied away for years fearing that they would be way expensive due, mostly, to their reputation. Once I started to work with Shaun and team, I realized there are none better, nor any other who cares for the customers like them. It actually directed me to buy a BMW just so that I can keep it in their wheelhouse.

Sam at Desi Auto Care was very up-front and professional. This is my 1st German car and now it feels exceptionally comfortable that I have found a reliable on time service BMW expert mechanics in my neighborhood. Went in for an oil change and door lock issue it's completed in 50 minutes, and out the door with the total he disclosed over the phone.

Stand up mechanics from start to finish. Car disabled due to crankcase hose and vacuum system failure.


I called a few shops including a dealer and none were interested in helping arrange a tow, sort it yourself and call us back. Car was with them in an hour and fixed by the evening. Exactly what is said on their tag line "There is only one boss - The customer! They just billed me for everything including the tow. Simple and Effortless, the way I want it. My BMW who is coming on 12 years old read menopause years. Desi Auto Care had done needed fixes and replacements.

This is a shop you will walk away with a little more dough in your pocket than you otherwise would. Go talk to Shawn or Ryan. Chris was very helpful! My daughter was trying to get her car's air emissions checked and the gas tank cover was stuck and would not open. Of course! Just did it out of the goodness of his hearts on a rainy day and when we were in a pinch!

First Time Customer Special

I recommend Desi Auto Care. I found my go-to shop! My window regulator became dead and the window was stuck open Sean was able to get me in and out in less than an hour and was very friendly to work with. I will definitely be coming back to Sean at Desi Auto Care as needed. I appreciate the way I was taken care of. Desi Auto Care really helped us on Saturday staying very late going out of their way to fix a suspension problem the day before leaving for a miles family road trip to Mississippi.

Every time we have dealt with them they have been honest and no-nonse. They already are getting a more business from our friends and employees from our construction company in Washington Township. We get so many of your friends and employees coming to us for car services.

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Thank you. We appreciate your support. Thank you for extra bonus - my repair came with a 2 years parts-labor warranty. Shaun show me with tunnel camera where the transmission fluid leak was coming from and fixed the problem next day for a fraction of what BMW quoted me. He explained maintenance problems that if go unfixed, could lead to a more costly repair down the road.

He hooked up the diagnostic computer and found a bad o2 sensor which was causing a rough idle. He replaced that and now my baby runs I will be back for my BMW and Benz repairs and preventive maintenance needs. Took BMW in for replacement of both front and rear axle, front left CV boot, and four new tires as recommended by Mount Laurel dealership back in June. My car was evaluated by Shawn at Desi Auto Care and services were not needed at the moment. He advised me how to determine when the replacement is needed and how many more miles before new tires are needed. Whenever my BMW has complications to be fix, this is my shop.

I always get a transparent quote and no BS. I trust him to keep my i in immaculate driving condition. Desi Auto Care's Rt. I chose to wait for my BMW oil change service and they had it done in 45 minutes, which I appreciated. Waiting room is full with free snacks, drinks, coffee and no frills, but it is nice and clean. Andrew also turned off a tire pressure warning light that other mechanic hadn't been able to figure out how to get off, and Andrew didn't even bill me for it or anything! His oil change on the 6-Series is cheaper than any other German shop.

Had an issue where BMW would not start. The shop in Bordentown that "supposedly" also "specialized" on Bimmers told me that it is my crank sensor, and even told me that my self installed HID and is giving false reading. Had it towed to Desi Auto care and Andrew already knew it was my fuel pump. I approved the job and currently I'm happily driving in NY without any issues. After getting numerous astronomical quotes and crazy hours in labor, I was referred to Desi Auto Care in Stratford by my nephew-jimmy.

We took our BMW here to have the clutch replaced and power steering issue.

$19.95 Oil Change & Car Wash

Pricing was more than fair and he was fast. Sam was easy to do business with. The BEST service experience ever!

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They're highly skilled in servicing BMWs and value your relationship with them. Thank heavens! They also diagnosed complicated electrical problem I was avoiding from long time you get an honest assessment of your BMW's needs. They will learn my repeat business! I went in for a repair that required the complete disassembly of my gear shift. I had an appointment but allocated extra time in my schedule for delays. Still, while Sean had been working on an Audi when I arrived he finished that job and began mine within 10 minutes of my appointment and had me driving out the door on time.

Not only had he done the job I came for he but fixed a burned out light I had and added a small cosmetic fix. It's an essay finding the shop, if you are going on White Horse Pike. Best wishes from - BMW specialist independent, local auto repair shop, German British European expert, certified mechanics, imported cars maintenance service center. It was diagnosed by Ryan that the idle control valve was out of range and needs to be replaced.

I was quoted fair and he can install in about 30 minutes. Also I was quoted for the belts, timing, water pump, fan clutch and fan. After having a conversation with him, I realized that this is a time consuming repair but team Desi completed repair in about 5 hrs. I do recommend. According to BMW specialist Ryan, engine coolant leak was developing from the expansion tank resulting in engine overheating. Overheating can cause severe engine damage.

Because of cooling system component fails, he inspected the entire cooling system. I know it's not uncommon to find additional component have failed or are leaking. He was honest and told me there was no additional leak or failure. Cheap prices and car was back to me on time as promised. I return to the dealer and they couldn't make a diagnosis, so service advisor told me the driving is "fine" and the noise is "normal operating variant noise". From the advice of my uncle, I took the car to Drew. He told me the tires were a bad choice for an M5 and the noise was coming from the differential.

There was apparently a BMW bulletin about the differential fluid that the dealer missed it. He changed the tires to Continental and changed the differential fluid with Red Line and miracle! The noise is gone and the riding is smooth like a silk. Drew is very brilliant and honest to a fault.

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Eventually we brought to Desi and later on during electrical testing, Shawn found the issue with the back of the radio. Shawn call us to the garage bay and shows on diagnostic meter that the car is keeps draining power even though car is off. Feels so relax now! We appreciate his help. When I hear dull sound like pieces of metal striking together in rear end. I brought my one and only car to Desi Auto Care. Michael's work consciencetiousness to find the problem and when he found out it was the rear differential, he found me a good price on parts and installed it professionally and now my car runs great.

I appreciate Michael and helping me get the job done right and on time. I'll not take my BMW to anywhere else. Ball joints, oil valve, timing belt, hoses, brake pads-rotors and more. Sam and Shaun were so friendly; Rachael even drops me to my work place in Somerdale. The price was almost a third of what I was given estimates at two other BMW mechanics, and he took the time to educate my dumb questions on what I need to do for future maintenance.

This work quality and customer satisfaction can't be beat in South Jersey. I brought my lovely red X5 here bcos wouldn't start. After 3 days of frustration on their part, they found out my son had left his iPad adapter plugged in back seat outlet. Plz accept my apology This kept draining the battery when we tried to start the car. I can imagine if the problem was easier to find, but the plug was hidden in the back seat.

Michael had manually deciphered the computer code to locate the problem. So, how much was I charged for 3 days of work? This means I'm out of coolant and the BMW dealership was 15 miles away. On my lunch break I decided to go to the nearest BMW mechanic shop Desi Auto Care to get the coolant fill-up, so my engine doesn't overheat. I explained my situation to mechanic; he grabbed a coolant container and walked in a parking lot, topped me off and gave me his business card. Now this is not my regular mechanic shop but I was treated like a regular customer!

I'm a chick and I felt comfortable coming here. Scheduled a battery replacement and on the way to his shop, My car went nuts, throwing a ton of warnings. Assumed it has something to do with the battery. Sean very quickly knew better - and found water in the trunk which had thrashed a few control boxer.

Car had been at BMW 12 days before they recommended the new battery but were not concerned about water in trunk. This team was great and sorted through the issue, even staying late on a Friday so I'd have a car on the weekend. I brought my Bimmer here because my step brother advise me. I live in northern NJ so it was a bit of a drive but it was worth it. The problem that I had was with the passenger seat, it went off the rails. Mike diagnosed the problem quickly and made it clear that the problem was actually with the steel cable that the motor turns.

Techs were very friendly and generous with their time and advice. My BMW died on me 10 days ago on the route I towed to another shop in Maple Shade that did a sneaky job. I looked up reviews online and found this place. Desi Auto Care has low prices and you can depend that great BMW work is being done, they answers all your questions and treat you like a boss. It was awesome experience! Brought in my 5 series with a sporadic issue that I was certain was going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Shawn was honest and broke everything down for me. The cost of the repair would have been too much and will not justify. Now I'm sitting pretty in a spiffy brand new 4 series with no complaints - so thanks Shawn for your honesty and candor. Repaired the car the right way on the first try. Fixed the car in a timely manner, I highly recommend Desi auto. It was refreshing to go to a repair shop and feel comfortable afterwards , about the repair work. Also close to mass transits so a ride home was not an issue.

With my family I was returning from a visit with our daughter in Philadelphia when catastrophe struck. My BMW decided to overheat - announced by a chorus of lights and buzzers. As we limped off the highway to consider our situation. I knew we were in Camden. I'm from a small town - so Camden to me is just a place you drive by and hope you never break down.

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Andrew was gracious, empathetic and reassuring. His first thought - confirmed by a diagnosis - was that he could get us in and out that same day. As we waited, Andrew did a great job of therapeutically explaining what the problem was, how they would correct it, how it came to pass and how to prevent it in the future.

After calling several places, I decided to give Desi Auto Care a try. Loved Shawn from the get go. Easy to talk to, very professional and patiently worked with me. He did find other legit problems which I was fully aware of but had put on hold due to the move. Have no hesitation with dealing with Desi Auto Care. Grateful to find someone who'll take care of my xi and not gouge me. Thank you Shawn: Their honesty and work quality will make you and instant fan. Down 2 earth guys! Mike was able to adjust it in an hour at little charge.

You should give them a shot not matter which German car you own. Dealer diagnose this: I'm glad I got 2nd opinion. Desi auto care resolve problem by replacing two fuses F46 and F41, cost me almost nothing. These mechanics are Bimmer lovers. Honest, well-priced service! Did replacement the thermostat along with a complete inspection of the cooling system to correct this concern. I'm so glad I found them because working with BMW dealer is a nightmare!

This time Desi's BMW technician even gave me instructions over the phone on how to change the battery in my keyless entry remote when dealer wanted my VIN number just to let me know if it was possible to change the battery. We believe in personalized service, simple problems like this should be taken care over the phone, we love to save you time and money. Thank you from - BMW expert specialist imported auto repair shop and German mechanic maintenance service center.

I've had a good BMW experience with these guys. They could've easily taken advantage of me, leveraging my own assumptions against me, but they dealt with me honestly instead. Their scheduling is prompt and efficient, I never worry or fret when I bring my car to Desi - there's a lot of value just in that! Thank you from - BMW specialist imported auto repair shop and mechanic maintenance service center. Awesome service by Desi Auto Care. They got me in and out the same day with no B. Close to Philadelphia as well.

The new transmission connector sleeve and the cabin filter and oil change Shawn the great guy! From my home in Delaware to Desi Auto Care is 90 minutes one way, but who cares? I will drive happily to this honest shop. My BMW was making disturbing noises under the drivers seat so i dropped it off with another auto shop earlier last week. I chose them based on location, within walking distance of my work place in Collingswood. Based on a referral from a librarian woman from my hometown library, I called Desi Auto.

I told them what the problem was and what had been recommended to me. Later on I spoke with Andrew and he said they had tried to "shotgun" the problem - replacing everything in the area and hoping the problem stopped. My car died on the route 30 in Berlin and this was the only BMW shop in are. They offered to stay late after closing until I could get my car towed to their shop. My car stayed in their shop overnight until they could get to it next day they called me to tell what was wrong with it. I didn't end up having my BMW fixed because they told me not to spend any more money, car is too old.

Major expense to repair, but they are very courteous and go out of their way. Gave me clear opinion. We brought a BMW-M3 here that my son wanted to purchase. These guys really know what they're doing. They found so much wrong with the car and advised us not to buy it. They were patient with my son and explained all the details of what they found to him, pointing everything out. We trust then when it come to knowing Bimmers! Feels like a home with this people, i can leave my car, give him my credit card, go on business trip and feel reassured that Sam and his team will take care of everything and not take advantage by replacing just to replace.

Desi auto care is perfect BMW repair shop , they treat me fair and professional- for that I'm customer for life. Wide variety of Free refreshment offered for customers. You have great sense of car repair, actually we learn few things from your experience being a mechanic.

Desi Auto Care- Has been the best thing that happened to me! BMW X5 4. Sam own's this enterprise and he deserves due respect for 1. Understanding the customer perspective. Provide complete and thorough information from the Chief Mechanic to the customer Transparent 3.

Desi Auto Care

Go beyond and above with the customer expectation. Now all that said: He really knows how to connect the dots to get to the root problem. Shawn clearly explains and knows what to fix by priority, Also lets you know if its worth your buck for the fix investment you are spending on the repair. Clearly I have a Lot of confidence in the work done on my car for a ton of Money I saved from going to the dealer. I surely know, Shawn has spent at least double the time I have been billed for the 1 thing that I had to go back to fix, which was not part of the initial problem.

BMW, now drives like one! We appreciate your patience during repair, which took little bit extra time to finish. We apologies for delay. I stumbled upon Desi auto care just by looking up BMW repair shop. My BMW Li had an issue with a coolant vent design problem. I called Desi's and spoke to master technician personally, he explained that he knows of that problem and guaranteed that he could fix at a fraction of the cost He not only fixed the original problem but repaired several other potential problems at a friction of the BMW dealer estimate.

Master tech took me into the shop and he showed me every particular part that he recommended to be fixed but never put pressure on me to have it fixed by them - we were in work area of the shop for 45 minutes just talking I approved repair. Are you a woman or a man who has felt little out of her element when she had to go to her mechanic? Are you tired of feeling vaguely screwed by your mechanic? And not in good way. Here is good news! The friendly folks at Desi Auto Care are here to ease your anxiety.

My only car BMW broke down on sunday, when they were closed. When I drove my ailing BMW into garage, I walked in on a conversation between the head mechanic and older woman getting ready to drive to her home in Philadelphia in her just repaired Mercedes-Benz. From the conversation, I gleaned two things: First, this woman loved them.

Second, the head mechanic was a respectful man. I left my car there, and before noon they'd called me with a full breakdown of all that they'd found, what it would cost me and a promise they could be done by 7pm same day. My family and I were driving 02 BMW X5 recently where it quickly went from yellow overheating warning, to red, to limp mode where it refuses to drive. We ended up leaving it at Olive Garden parking lot and taking a taxi cab to home. We looked google and there were no auto care around our house that specialized in BMWs. So we decided to drop it off at desi auto care in Stratford the closest and well rated on google etc then deal with it tommorow.

When we arrived happy that the car made it so far! He was very friendly and showed us the possible causes for the problem. It was ready on Tuesday afternoon. It turned out that it was indeed the water pump and thermostat that needed replacement. A young girl at the front desk, also very friendly, showed me the old parts and told me that it very fairy common for X5 water pump to need replacement.

We will be returning. Thanks for leaving a review. Something happened under my car when I was close to Lindenwold Railway Station so I pulled in here and I was met at the door with a question asking me what happened? I've never had that before someone actually meeting me getting up from the desk? Thank you for that. I just let them fix it. The significant price difference is not the only reason I give this place five stars, I like the way the employees explained everything to me it's very clear that they were not in this for a commission, they want to get the job done and get my car back on the road, I will not go anywhere else for my car needs.

Up To 10% Off

Bringing her back to have engine mount done in a few days. It's our team's job to save you money. Thank you for setting up one more appointment with us. After Reading positive reviews, I drove from Atlantic city to get work done here. Its worth the drive to come this far. Did fix my headlights electrical issue, replace rear brakes plus a brake fluid flush and coolant flush on my '08 xi'. I've interacted with Shawn, Drew amd Sam.

These guys are awesome- very patient, very customer oriented Just wish this shop was closer. Thank you for your comments Nicholas. Our team is thrilled that your experience was a positive one and we're looking forward to seeing you as a our regular customer family. Valve Gasket leak on my BMW had sidelined my summer. My experience with the dealer wasn't amazing and was looking for a place who would fix my car for reasonable amount then, my friend told me about Desi Auto.

After I took my BMW to desi auto they diagnosed and repaired it in just couple hours at a very fair price which I never expected. The mechanics are very knowledgeable and experiened. Overall these people are fantastic and I would say cause of my experience this is the best place to bring in your European Vehicle. Thank you for support. As a granddaughter of reputed mechanic shop owner, I always get free auto repairs. But after moving to this area it was hard to find good BMW repair shop. I'm more than impress with this place and I love to support local businesses.

My car fixed same day. All women should go to this shop bcoz they will not treat you like an idiot or add extras that we do not need. Toggle navigation Toggle search. Say you found them on BimmerShops!

posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj
posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj
posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj
posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj
posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj
posh car wash coupons nj Posh car wash coupons nj

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