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Goal Rush - Will both teams score?

Also bear in mind that the actual result of the game is irrelevant for Goals Rush; the criterion for each bet just needs to be matched to win. As the betting format continues to grow in popularity bookmakers are finding new ways to incorporate similar concepts into betting markets.

Another of the newer markets to come into fruition is the Goals Rush Bonus market. This market will likely include some games where both teams are less likely to score and to combat that the odds are bigger than the traditional Goals Rush market. The concept is exactly the same and pay outs will vary depending on which games you choose and the odds for those matches.

Ian Rush, The Ghost [Best Goals]

If you would like to get in contact with us you can do so by visiting this page. Goal Rush The Goal Rush market is one of the latest crazes in football betting.

GOAL RUSH - Ladcrooks Coupon

How it works Each week Ladbrokes will list a series of games from matches in that upcoming game week. All Rights Reserved. Premier League Betting.

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Sun Apr 04, Wed Jun 01, Punters think they will have more high scoring matches than there are in reality: Fri Aug 13, From them 8 teams the total differential was 40 more occasions of under rather than over, and the other 12 had a differential of 90 in favour of overs. The bookies don't do it because there's less overs than unders, it's because they know there's a slight majority of overs, therefore favouritism, and as they are seen as more likely to happen they offer coupons with multiple selections to entice people to place accumulators.

It's the same with both teams to score. Which is why they offer coupons with tasty looking odds for it. It's intelligent practice of giving punters a kind of belief IMO, on just missing out on something where the reality is that the odds and stats suggest that they should be getting more legs right than wrong.

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But your right with the multiple bets the bookies are banking on one or two lettting you down When you are tied to a certain amount of selections to make the bet it is often a pointer to a bet lacking in value.

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