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We already drive our car very little less than 10K miles in over 1. PatrickGSR94 September 1, , And I have a hereditary heart condition that keeps me from getting very fast usually mph average. Have you thought about looking into that? Katrina September 1, , 3: You, sir, have humbled me. I used to commute 10 miles round trip to my old job, and now at my new job it would be 15 miles round trip, mostly on back country roads, with some that have a bike lane.. Heath September 1, , 6: Going to need to upgrade my weather riding gear, though. I basically do not ride when it rains, because it does so infrequently.

Any thoughts on some lightweight rain gear I can always take with me in case I need to ride home in the rain? Shorts and no shirt? Heath September 2, , 5: Hmm, never thought about the semi-bared option. I do go to work in exercise clothes, change into work clothes, and then change back into exercise clothes at the end of the day.

I suppose I could still take the clown-mobile in that case: Mickyle September 1, , Aperture September 1, , Thanks for the article. I am probably a great candidate for an e-bike. I work 4 miles away down a long hill.


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Getting to work in the AM is not a problem, but getting home in the evening means a 4 mile uphill slope I have tackled exactly twice in my life. Love the site, the forum and the great insights. Please keep it coming. Thanks, -a. Allan September 1, , 1: I cycle commute 10km to work one way everyday, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The thing is with those tires, and frozen bearings, and pushing through snow, and wearing lots of clothing to fight the cold, my commute time can sometimes double, based on the conditions, and I get far more sweaty, from working harder, for longer periods, and wearing more clothing.

To help deal with this, I bought a W front wheel for the bike a couple of years ago. I have used it through a winter and a half and am very happy with the results. I get to work faster, and drier than before. I specifically chose the lower power wheel for 2 reasons: In my commute, I run it the entire way, but I work hard pedaling the whole way also. It has some nice advantages that I had not considered when I bought it. With the motor, I can just find a decent gear that allows me to contribute at top speed and leave it there.

Having power on the front wheel makes a HUGE difference here, it pulls through the snow and helps keep the speed up, resulting in a straighter line. In these instances, I can now keep from losing too much speed by running the motor as needed while I am coasting through these sections. I used to dread switching from my Summer bike to my Winter bike, as it felt like I was driving a tank after driving a sports car. Now, the transition is not so tough, and is more enjoyable. Money Mustache September 1, , 1: Listen and learn.

Then go look up the winter climate of Edmonton, and then re-read his paragraphs ten more times. PatrickGSR94 September 1, , 5: John September 1, , 1: I am curious what other quality alternatives exist for the kit-builder.

Hill Topper Ranger 350w electric bike wheel kit

I live in Anchorage, Alaska, so any comments regarding cold weather performance would be welcome, too. Seattle Scrooge September 1, , 1: Very timeless. I just purchased a gently used izip e3 dash off craiglist last night! Thanks MMM! DCResident September 1, , 1: I appreciate biking as being more efficient than walking, but I prefer to walk or run if I am going to get sweaty combining transportation and fitness. Does anyone here share my lukewarm feelings about city biking with a traditional bike, but enjoy e-biking?

Will let you know how if goes! Rob September 1, , 3: At my old job I had limited options for changing clothes. I often just rode my e-bike in my dress shoes, dress pants, and button down shirt. In the summer in PA. No sweat. And that was over a trip of 15 miles.

And I actually look forward to hopping on the bike, rather than the sense of dread. For me the big thing was time. I work a university. In the Fall, if I drive, I often have to park in the farthest lot and walk ten minutes to my office, or leave a half hour earlier than I would otherwise in order to get a spot at a closer lot. It is Over that same distance, I get to work door to door via ebike in 42 minutes. So that saves me a few hours a week, more time with my kids. I get a decent work out in without being sweaty , so no need for a gym after work.

Reduced wear and tear on car. Free endorphins. Steve Miller September 1, , 1: Ted September 1, , 2: I was wondering why nobody is saying anything about mid drive bikes? Watch out putting a Rear electric hub on a cheaply built bike! I would put on a BBS02 with a triangle battery On a sweet hybrid. Also this is the Ebike that I would scoop up if I wanted to live on credit. That and a downtube Li Ion battery and you have a very stable, efficient, multi-speed ride. Got my kit for less than a grand on ebay. KeninNZ September 1, , 2: As his health deteriorated and the distance of his rides on a regular bike dropped to a few km, an eBike meant he could get out for km again.

This meant we enjoyed many more rides together that would have otherwise been beyond him. Sameer September 1, , 2: On my recent trip to Israel, I saw these link below electric folding bikes all over the place. On a related note, that country is also much better at enabling trips by foot. I have a question though: You seem to suggest that you are able to do 40 mph on a modified version of your normal bike without spinning out.

Is the kit wheel enabled with extra low gear ratio sprockets or does the kit wheel have internal gears aside from the ones the chain sits on? Money Mustache September 1, , 4: Yeah, that was actually a problem at first and I had to change to a rear sprocket with an tooth smallest chainring eBikeKit had thoughtfully provided one for me. At 40MPH this is a cadence of just over which is pretty fast, but this is the absolute TOP speed of the bike and is pretty dangerous. At a more reasonable 30, the pedaling is casual and easy. Sameer September 1, , 5: That car was anyways not being driven much with us using the bicycle to go pretty much everywhere.

It also helps that we live in the mild climate of the pacific northwest. A lot of the inspiration comes from reading this blog, so a big thank you for your writing! Samuel Mandell September 1, , 3: Nice write-up. My buddy just showed me this bike http: I think by FAR what is cool about it is eliminating the hassle of hills, which mentally can be a big barrier to getting into bike commuting.

I used to hate these things because last year when my wife and I were bike touring we got passed up a steep hill by an out of shape couple on e-bikes with their top in a front basket. I was shaking my fists at them for a few minutes: Dave Sipe September 1, , 5: One thing many forget when making an E bike conversion is brakes. And it gets worse the more weight you load it down with at speed.

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Just something to think about when selecting a kit. Joe Average September 8, , 8: Even the caliper brakes that clamp against the rim are questionable on budget bikes. It had center pull brake calipers — a design which has been good to me on other bikes. I put an odometer on it at the same time.

Hill Topper Electric Bicycle Kit Review

About 65 miles and months later it was toast. Did not use it off road any amount. Mostly bouncing it around the neighborhood and towing our baby trailer. I really liked the mtn bike granny gear for towing up hilly streets. Suspension creaked, wheels warped, indexed shifters needed constant fiddling, etc. Once was towing our baby trailer toddler inside down a hilly road and the brakes just would stop us. I was able to slow us enough to make the turn at the bottom without disaster. Stretched the brake cables in the process. I once flipped the bike upside down to tighten the crank bearings and found a sticker on the bottom that said the bike was not intended for tricks or I think I recall off-road use.

Its a mtn bike…. Everything is good and works as intended. I think of it not as much as a mtn bike but as a heavy duty cruiser. Pete September 1, , 5: Hi MMM, long time follower, first time commenter! My dad lives in Longmont near the rec center and owns a bike shop in Boulder near Valmont and 28th. For years he sold only e-bikes but has recently shifted his focus to folding bikes. Anyway, if you find yourself in the area and are interested in learning more about e-bikes or folding bikes and the rapidly changing technology you should stop by and chat with him!

He has been in the industry for years and has a lot of experience building them and working with the many different systems out there. He is also an engineer and loves talking to like-minded people about the bike industry and what the future holds.

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I always have a great time testing out all the new stuff when I make the trek from MN, and I think you would have a blast checking it out. His shop is called Freedom Folding Bikes, ask for Chuck! Thanks for taking the time to write all these great posts, I love reading them! Esther Paris September 1, , 6: Your blog post made my day yesterday. This is a great product from a good company with good people.

Although the Florida gulf coast is mostly flat, the bridges over the intercoastal waterway are steep so the motor assist makes a real difference. Headwinds no longer deter me as the variable speed throttle allows just the right pull to keep a steady pace. All in all the Kit has added to the fun of bicycling. Thanks to Charles in sales and Tony and Sam in tech support for assisting in making my selection. Shipping Info More Videos Warranty. If you want to be notified of our news and updates, subscribe to our newsletter. My Account Shopping Cart 0 items. Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit.

Order Now Battery type: Select Wheel size c printed on your bike's rubber tire 26" printed on your bike's rubber tire 24" printed on your bike's rubber tire 20" printed on your bike's rubber tire. Rate This Product: Ride to my water aerobics class. I've ridden a Burley Jet Creek for nine years and the addition of this motor has been phenomenal in increasing bike riding time I generally ride a diamond frame bike 30 miles a week and a 40 pound Linear recumbent long wheel base Excellent Prices.

It's still the best; easiest to install, and cheapest overall.

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Also, I have a discount for you that will help with the cost. The discount will automatically load to your check out cart when you purchase. I wouldn't put this off, especially if you intend to commute on your ebike to work to save money. If you are like me, and use it to stay fit, and save money on little trips around the neighborhood, you also save gas and wear and tear on your car. The gas I have saved has paid for my kit twice over.

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  • Here is your discount link to go to their site: How to use this Hill Topper discount code when buying your ebike kit. After several people asked, I thought I had better leave a little note here to help those who are not sure how to use the discount code for their Hill Topper Ebike kit from Clean Republic Follow the link below that will take you to their website.

    Select the type of ebike kit you want, provide the tire size, etc that they require. At check out, your discount should appear already in your shopping cart when you finalize your payment. Nothing you have to do if you use this link: Hill Topper Discount Pass this on to anyone you know who is going to buy one. Also use it to buy a spare battery. I wish I had thought of that before.. Learn more about ebikes: Discount Ebike Kit Enjoy! Olson at 1: Hill Topper Ebike Kit discount code , what is the best ebike kit. It's Spring and a new Hill Topper Review website!

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    Our days are gradually getting warmer, so I have started riding my ebike pretty regularly again. Feels great after so many months of cold, rain and whatnot. Here is a new website review of the Hill Topper conversion kit with general information on ebikes that will help those of you who want to learn more about them and are trying to decide whether to buy one or not. Check this site out: I saw there that Currie now is selling bicycle conversion kits, but they are only for 26" wheels and seem to be a lot harder to install from the product specifications and reviews I read on Amazon.

    Also, the front wheel kit is over a hundred dollars more than the Hill Topper. The cheaper one they have is for rear wheel installation and that involves some more mechanical knowledge than I personally care to get into. If any of you have tried it, let me know what you think. Happy riding! Tax Refund Idea: Many of you have a nice tax refund coming your way in the next few months and are thinking about what you want to do with it.

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