Comcast best deals for current customers

For a household of more than 4 people, a connection above 20 Mbps minimum is advisable. This range is also a good choice for families who need large bandwidth to handle dozens of devices. The Xfinity equipment fee for leasing a WiFi router is reasonable enough for short-term customers since upgrades and support are included. However, long-term Xfinity customers can save several hundred dollars long-term by purchasing their own gateway device s up front. In this example, the investment pays for itself after ten and a half months.

Xfinity pricing tends to vary from area to area. Xfinity contract packages are a good deal for customers who plan to stick around long-term anyway. The listed price for Xfinity packages is rarely set in stone. The theory behind this strategy is sort of like free samples: This strategy can be frustrating for long-term customers paying more than new customers. For existing customers, we recommend that you call Xfinity once a year and request discounts and fee reductions.

Additionally, Xfinity final pricing changes from region to region. The only way to get a finalized quote is to call and ask about Xfinity offers at your address. There are two options for installing Xfinity service: Professional installation is required if your house has never had Comcast Xfinity service before, as the technician will need to install wiring and check that everything is compatible and ready to go.

In some cases this requires drilling holes or installing coaxial wiring on the side of a building, so renters are advised to get permission from their landlords before scheduling installation. And access to areas such as the basement where the technician may need access.

Internet Starting At $29.99/mo.

Self installation is recommended if your house is already wired for Xfinity service most in their service area are. They will provide a box with all the equipment needed and simple, detailed instructions. You can have the box shipped to you, or pick it up in person at a local Comcast store.

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A technician will walk you through the steps to confirm the MAC address on your device and test that it is working as they activate service. One of the more exciting equipment upgrades Xfinity has rolled out recently is the x1 cloud DVR, which is quickly eclipsing their traditional cable service as the go-to digital TV platform. A few of the X1 features:. Home automation and home security can make a huge difference for your peace of mind when implemented correctly. Many times they will make a last-ditch effort. Then the next day I call back and tell them to ignore the cancellation.

I will take one of the deals they mentioned, assuming it is a good deal. Be sure to include their Twitter handle comcastcares in the tweet. This sounds crazy, but it works. An alternate plan of attack is to grab a flyer from a competitor in your area. Tell the Comcast rep you want to cancel service and go with their competitor with the lower price.

Be sure to name the competitor.

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Of course, you need to actually have a quote from a competitor. The only catch to this plan is that you will most likely have to sign up for a contract with Comcast to lock in the price, as the competitor pricing assumes a contract as well.

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It is frustrating and takes a ton of time to jump through all of their hoops as they try to wear you down. You might think just taking their current price is OK. You can save money on your cable bill. You just have to use Trim. They are a service that will negotiate your cable bill and get you a Comcast promotion.

How to Cut your Comcast Bill: Step-by-Step Script

Here is the link to get started saving money on your cable bill. They only take a fee if they score you a discount and that fee is a small percent of your savings. You want to cancel but need an idea of some potential alternatives for cutting the cord. Here are various ways that you can still watch television and movie programming after cutting the cord for a fraction of what cable charges you. Here is my favorite antenna.

▶️How to the Best Deal on Comcast Internet and Avoid Unnecessary Fees

The key is getting one with a large range, like between 50 and 75 miles so you can get the most stations. You can often go there just after a new program airs and catch it on the website for a couple of days. There is no contract or commitment here. You can go month to month if you are more of a seasonal watcher of shows or sports.

You can try SlingTV for free for 7 days! One of the pioneers of streaming video. The downside is that Netflix purges its library every month. You have to look that up yourself and be aware if one of your favorite shows is scheduled to be on the chopping block. If a show was on Netflix, it may well end up here, and vice versa. You can also stream music, borrow e-books and get free two-day shipping on most any order through Amazon.

Hulu has come on as the latest competition. Like Amazon and Netflix, Hulu offers recent seasons of popular shows. The focus is on the recent episodes. Hulu can put up episodes within a couple days after airing. The other two main services upload a full season when the newest seasons starts, meaning you have to wait a while to get caught up.

You can also stream this on any device or your TV and you can commit month to month as you wish. And just like with SlingTV , you can customize a package so you get exactly the channels you want.

Upgrade Your Browser to Access XFINITY

A smaller player in this field, but one with amazing content is Pure Flix. They offer family friendly shows and movies. So if you have a young family, this could easily be your best option. You can get started with Pure Flix here. At the end of the day, getting Xfinity deals for current customers is a lot harder than it used to me. In most cases, to get a Comcast promotion, you are going to have to sign an agreement. But you still will have to call when you contract is up to try to get another Comcast promotion.

Xfinity Promotions

This is why I love Trim so much. It saves me money without having to worry. Here is the link again to try Trim out. Whatever you end up deciding on doing, do something. Take action to save yourself some money. You should probably start a side gig calling Comcast for other people to get their bills reduced or sell your technique. I love their reasons though- wow. I also just got the new Hopper, and this DVR is amazing. I had the same situation with Comcast this week. I told her that I needed another promotion or I would have to cancel.

The basic bundle package is the XF Double Play. It lets you pick two services and get them for a lower price than you would pay if you got them from two separate providers. This packages gives you access to every Xfinity service—Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice—for one affordable price that fits into every budget.

Internet, TV and Phone Bundle Promotions |

When you take advantage of promotions and bundles, you can be sure that you are getting the best service for your money. Xfinity is perhaps best known for their cable TV. With the Xfinity Starter XF Triple Play, you will gain access to your favorite television stations, unparalleled picture quality, and access to exclusive features such as On-demand programming.

XFINTY also offers High-Speed Internet with lightning-fast download speeds and access to exclusive security tools including virus scan, firewall protection, and parental controls. We also provide exceptional digital phone services that come with exclusive features that make calling friends and family affordable and convenient.

There are many Xfinity promotions for existing Comcast customers, many people just fail to recognize them. Customers often search long and hard for promotions when first signing up for services in order to get the best deal. Once they have settled on a service provider, many customers stop searching for promotions. But, many of the promotions that Xfinity offers for new customers are available for existing customers as well. Existing customers can often find promotions on the Internet or on TV.

If you're a current Xfinity customer and you see an offer you like, just call your local Xfinity representative and see if you are eligible for the promotion. Many people choose to get Xfinity service because of the great promotions that they offer. New customers can often get a great deal on cable, Internet or phone service because of these special deals. Special offers are constantly changing and will vary depending on the area in which you live.

To get a current list of promotional availability in your area, contact one of our representatives now at Not available in all areas. On Demand selections subject to charge, indicated at time of purchase. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Call for restrictions and complete details. New residential customers only. Limited to Digital Starter service.

comcast best deals for current customers Comcast best deals for current customers
comcast best deals for current customers Comcast best deals for current customers
comcast best deals for current customers Comcast best deals for current customers
comcast best deals for current customers Comcast best deals for current customers
comcast best deals for current customers Comcast best deals for current customers

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